“See your film as a surface to cover”   Robert Bresson


A technological remake of Kamishibai   紙芝居

Ephemeral Cinema is inspired on Kamishibai, an ancient Japanese tradition in which stories were narrated by inserting painted layers one after another into little scenic boxes. Kami: drama, Shibai: paper = “Paper Dramas”.

What’s Ephemeral Cinema?

It’s a performance show that fuses visual and performing arts, and it’s also an installation of objects fallen into desuse, obsolete technology, and basic electronics (low-tech). We use cameras connected to projection devices: a retro-projector/projector, a spotlight, and electric light sources. We create the movie by directing these devices to a projectable surface, generating the sensation of movement by superimposing the different combinations in which the scene can be registered. Sounds and images are edited in real time. The goal is to expose the mechanism: to watch the performers as they reveal their pure mechanics as active components of the scene.

Artistic vision

Ephemeral Cinema as a recycling machine

Rescuing a discarded consumer good—a dead object—, is recovering its aura. By diverting objects from their intended use, we can generate new meanings in either premeditated or random ways. It also allows us to understand how a given society, in a given moment, imagines itself trough its consumption, its disposals, its accumulation.







Low-tech, integrated in the scene, will be seed and chance of an ephemeral encounter, in which the process will be prioritized over the results. In sum, a unique and singular drama/movie, auratic, unrepeatable and ephemeral.

“The very instant a camera focuses on something, there is already a point of view, a manipulation of reality, an alteration. My only goal has always been the same: the search of certain poetic truth in the images. It’s been a constant feature in all my works, and it will continue to be so in the future”

Werner Herzog 

Note: The objects / toys / materials / goods that populate the set, and therefore the characters and settings that tell the story, will vary, according to the day, the location, the space, and also the mood and the narrative and associative disposition of the different performers that set in motion the Ephemeral Cinema-making machine.


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